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Moving a business can be extremely stressful—even more stressful than a residential move. Your profitability is on the line! A poorly executed commercial move could leave your customers confused, or feeling unwelcome—you could even lose customers. To top it off, commercial moves are often more complicated and difficult than residential moves. There are often large amounts of heavy furniture and business hours to work around.


At Central Lakes Region Movers, we understand how hard it is to move a business. We are skilled in commercial moving and are able to work around your busy schedule to make your commercial move go smoothly. Whether corporate office or busy restaurant, Central Lakes Region Movers can minimize the impact of moving on day-to-day business operations.

We will ensure that you have space in which to work and that your customers feel welcome, despite being in the middle of a move. Our movers will get the job done in a timely and professional manner during the hours that you specify. It is our goal to make your commercial move as seamless and stress free as possible, helping you operate your business as usual and maintain customer relations during this difficult time. We have worked with countless local businesses and would love the opportunity to bid on your business’ move!

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