Need someone to pack?

While our packing services are always included in our full service moves, you may just want someone to pack for you. We know that stuffing boxes full of your belongings can be one of the most stressful and daunting parts of your move. If you’ve already got a truck and people to move, but you don’t want to do the packing yourself, we offer packing services.

Need people to move your things?

Do you need moving help? In addition to full service moves, Central Lakes Region Movers offers labor only at a cheaper rate than it would be to use one of our trucks. Our movers will arrive at your home equipped with all of the supplies needed to pack and move your items.
Check out our Labor-Only Services

Whether you’re looking to pack your entire home, a single room, or just single items, we can help. We have been packing fragile, antique, and awkward items for years, and we can help make sure that even your most delicate items make it without damage to your new home.

On top of our experience packing boxes, we’ll make sure that no body is over-encumbered. No more bottoms of boxes exploding open during a move and all your items spilling out in the driveway. We would never pack a box full of books making it impossible to lift while everything else is a breeze! Our moving experience has taught us many things about distributing weight and making a move go smoothly, and we’ll pass this knowledge onto your move so you won’t run into any unknowns during every important moment of your move.

Need tape?

Whether you need boxes, bubble wrap, paper, or tape, we offer most packing supplies. Contact us today!

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