Clean Closet for 2019

If you’re feeling the urge to purge some items from your closet that you no longer use or appreciate, there is no need to wait until spring for a deep cleaning. The new year is the perfect opportunity to refresh your closet and celebrate with some extra space. For so many people, the idea of a closet cleanout is overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. We’ve got three helpful tips to ensure your closet cleaning success before the ball drops. Cheers!  

Value (and Evaluate) Your Time

Just because it could take a full eight-hour workday to clean out the dusty duds from your closet doesn’t mean you actually have that kind of time to spend. Consider scheduling a serious stretch of uninterrupted time to tackle your closet from start-to-finish in one go. A cold and snowy Saturday could be the perfect chance to clean out your closet, sip hot chocolate, and focus on warmer days to come.

Or you could challenge yourself to purge a set number of items, for instance three articles of clothing, every day for a week. The number of daily items and span of time is up to you and best determined by just how much stuff you’re dealing with.

Either knock out this chore in one fell swoop or chip away according to a set strategy. Whichever option works for you, you can be sure that the contents of your closet will be fewer than when you started.

Remember the Rule of Three

In this case, the rule of three refers to the number of piles you need to organize existing items. “Keep, donate, trash,” helps you determine which items go where. Favorite items and those that you actually still wear are reserved for the keep pile while anything in good shape that perhaps no longer fits you or your simply no longer use should be donated. Trash is pretty self-explanatory: if you wouldn’t wear it and neither should someone else (think items with significant stains, holes, rips, etc.), this is the pile to target.

Do Some Good by Donating

In all honesty, you’re unlikely to wear something you’ve been saving “just in case.” If that “in case” scenario hasn’t occurred yet, it probably never will. But that doesn’t mean that someone else couldn’t benefit from your gently worn or used clothing right now. Of the three piles: keep, donate, trash, shoot to make your donate pile the tallest. You’ll be getting rid of stuff you no longer need or really even want, and helping someone else out in the process. It’s a win-win and the right kind of vibes to kick off the new year!

Do you have some tried-and-true closet clean-out tips of your own? Share them in the comments below!

Happy New Year from all of us at CLR Movers!

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