Folded blue and white striped sweater

Sounds like a silly question, but it isn’t. 

Failure to plan your fashion choices for moving day is a real thing and one best avoided by checking out the following tips on what to wear for your most successful moving day. 

Build Up from the Bottom

Legend has it that Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Moving can, quite frankly, feel like you’re attempting to conquer the world and in some ways you are. You’re leaving one life behind and embarking on a new one. It’s not a small feat and so, as your actual feet are concerned, you should maximize comfort however possible. 

One caveat: comfort, in any moving scenario, should always include close-toed shoes. Whether that means sneakers, hiking or steel-tipped boots, you want to wear a pair of shoes that will prove comfortable and protective. Picture tripping, slipping or accidentally dropping something on your toes and choose your footwear accordingly on moving day. 

Learn to Love Layers

Consider the temperature and how it might change, depending on the time of your move. For instance, if you schedule an early morning moving van arrival, you’ll want a few layers that you’ll likely shed later in the day as the weather warms and you’ve been working up a sweat helping pack, tape or move boxes.

Prioritize Your Pants

Yep, sounds ridiculous but it’s not. You’re going to be moving and hustling around on moving day, no matter how many people you’ve hired or recruited to help you. Choose pants that are comfortable, flexible, and lightweight — even in cold climates or during winter moves. You’ll likely regret layering up in flannels or long underwear as the day wears on and instead should opt for loose fitting, breathable materials, including casual, well-worn jeans. 

For any other fashion-forward moving questions, give us a call!

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