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After what seemed like an eternity of your parents asking when you will be home and telling you to clean your room, it’s time to step out on your own and live in a new place called home. But how do you get started? Moving for the first time doesn’t start when the landlord hands you the key, you have to begin preparations beforehand. Here are some points to consider when moving out for the first time that will help you transition into your new home and begin that feeling of blissful independence!


Before you even think of opening any rental websites, you need to consider if it’s feasible. Can you afford the expenses of living alone? The best way to do this is to start a budget to calculate how much you have left after your current monthly expenses. Consider all of the new expenses that come along with moving out on your own like rent, electricity, internet, gas, and groceries. Then practice “living alone” for a month by tracking your expenses and see if you can cover everything. 


Maybe rent will be a little tight, or you can afford it and have some extra change for expenses. Either way you should consider if you want to live alone or with roommates. Are you longing to live alone, leave your dishes untouched for days, and lay on the couch in your underwear? Or do you want to have a more communal living situation? 


Don’t start packing up your boxes until you take a few weeks to declutter your space.Take out the stuff in the back of the closet and start to use all of the half bottles of old toiletries you have had for years. Donate items to a local charity that you are ready to part with. You don’t want to pack up clutter that you will get rid of anyways when you move out on your own.

Pack smart

Make the move easier by packing smart. Pack by space to stay organized and utilize tricks like keeping the clothes on hangers and labeling boxes to open the day of so you have the essentials readily available. Check out some of our recommended tips and tricks here to find a method that works for you. 

Handling bills

This one is important so we saved it for last. You’re going to be in charge of all the important paperwork like bills, taxes, receipts, and the rent. Create a file organizer so that your electricity bill doesn’t end up under the refrigerator until your lights are cut off. Keep the file organizer in a safe place and keep it sorted. This will make splitting the bills and paying taxes easier, it’s also a good practice to start early. Mark your calendar on your phone to send you important reminders about when to pay so you never end up paying late.

We hope these tips for moving out for the first time will help you to make a smooth transition.  If you’re looking to move, we can help! Contact us today to get started.

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