Beer lit from underneath in a glass

If you’re into craft beers, then you may know that New Hampshire is a hot spot for great breweries where you can get said craft beers! If you’re coming to NH to live or just to visit, and you’re interested in craft beers, definitely check out these 5 top spots. You may even want to take a trip over to Vermont as well and check out everything both states have to offer for craft beers!

There are no shortages of breweries in NH that you can visit. We’ve just compiled a list of five.

Lithermans Limited Brewery in Concord, NH

Located at 126-B Hall Street, Concord, NH Lithermans Limited offers both on-site and to-go offerings, including delivery to select states. They offer IPAs, sour, stout, porter, and many other traditional style brews.  They boast a spacious taproom and an outdoor patio. 

Liars Bench Beer Co in Portsmouth, NH

Liars Bench is located inside of an old plumbing supply warehouse at 459 Islington St #4, Portsmouth, NH. This brewery invites you to sit at a communal table and make new friends over their unique tap selections, or just order to-go cans in a 4 pack. Check out their comings and goings on their Instagram.

Branch and Blade Brewing in Keene, NH

Branch and Blade Brewing, located at 17 Bradco Street, Keene, NH this brewery insists on using the very best of New England to craft their latest beers. They offer on-site taps as well as to-go options. Enjoy a variety of IPAs, pilsners, lagers and much more. 

Stoneface Brewing Company in Newington, NH

Located at 436 Shattuck Way in Newington, NH, Stoneface Brewing Company boasts twelve rotating taps, brewery exclusive releases, 4 packs, singles, and bottles to go, as well as some really delicious pub food. Stoneface also hosts multiple events which can be found on their event calendar.

Deciduous Brewing Company in Newmarket, NH

Deciduous Brewing Company, located at 12 Weaver St., Ste B in Newmarket, NH, offers on-site and to-go beer. They brew everything from IPAs to sour ales and more. You can also sometimes catch some scrumptious pub food like pierogies. Just looking at their Instagram account will make your mouth water.

We hope you enjoy just a few of our selections! Have a place for our next list? Let us know in the comments!

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