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We’ve covered some important holiday moving tips in our previous post, Moving During the Holidays, but there are a few simple, easily-forgotten pointers we wanted to share to help make your move that much easier.

  1. Change of Address Announcements

    holiday cards
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In all of the chaos that comes with moving during a major holiday, letting others know about your change of address is a task that can slip through the cracks. When people are mailing out gifts and holiday cards by the hundreds of thousands, the last thing you want is for a changed address to result in lost correspondences and presents.

To avoid this problem, consider putting the announcement in your own holiday greeting cards. It’s a nice way to help keep some holiday spirit going in your home, while helping to get an important moving task done. If you have children, get them to participate by decorating the cards or drawing on the envelopes.

  1. Prepare for the Weather

Depending on where you move, you may need to keep your eye on the weather in that area to be certain you’re not trying to move during a blizzard. New Hampshire is usually very chilly during the winter months, so be sure you’re bundled up and ready to deal with any snow or ice you might encounter. Having items like hand warmer packets, hot drinks, and sturdy boots can make all the difference.

  1. Creative Decorations

    Homemade Christmas Decorations
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With everything else going on, it can be hard to keep up the holiday spirit. Because going all out with decorations will only wind up causing you more work, we recommend getting a little creative with your packing materials. Since there are going to be tons of boxes lying around, try wrapping them up as big presents. Easily disposable decorations like homemade paper snowflakes and paper chains can also be a fun craft to help you relax or entertain the kids.

  1.  Moving with Kids

Families with young children experience some extra challenges during a move, and this is especially true during the holidays. Your children might feel sad that the usual holiday traditions can’t be honored, or may worry that Santa isn’t going to know where they’ve moved. As parents, it’s up to you to make sure your children are comforted in knowing that Santa has your new address.

Additionally, it can be helpful to have a kit ready to entertain the kids while you’re working on the move. Try to fill a box with activities, like holiday-themed coloring books, puzzles, and toys. A tiny tree with little decorations and fake presents can be a big hit with any children who like to play pretend.

  1. Get Out of the House

While it can be difficult to think about anything else other than packing and moving, try to carve out some time to get out of your home for a bit. There are many enjoyable holiday events going on throughout December, such as tree-lightings, craft fairs, movies, and parades. By going out and getting some fresh air, it’ll help to maintain the holiday spirit, and might give you and your family a much-needed break.Christmas Parade

  1. Say ‘No’ if Necessary

Though getting out and about can be a good thing, sometimes the sheer amount of invitations to parties, get-togethers and family events can be too much. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to an invitation if you really need to get your packing or unpacking done. There’s always next year.

  1. Get Help from Family and Friends

It might be a little difficult to get together for the holidays with your loved ones while trying to move to a new home. To help maintain the joy of getting to see your family, invite them to help you with your holiday moving. Make it a party, with baked goods and hot drinks ready for when the move is over. You could also reserve some seating at a local restaurant, and enjoy a big family meal once the hard part is over. It’s a nice way to celebrate the season and balance the workload of moving into a new home.

  1. Go on VacationHoliday vacation

Alternatively, you could consider letting the movers take care of everything, while you and your family go away for a few days. Going on vacation might be a little pricey given the raise in travel costs during the holiday season, but getting a chance to unwind and relax before you begin the unpacking process may be worth the expense.

We hope these holiday moving tips will help to make your move a fun, enjoyable adventure. Don’t forget to give you and your family time to enjoy the season, and take a breather if the stress starts to become overwhelming.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? Let us know in the comments below!

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