You’ve done it. You’ve planned a move, and you’ve hired in some professional movers (hopefully us!) to help you move to your new digs. Whether your movers are helping you pack and move, you may wonder what you should be doing, if anything, while the movers are doing their jobs and helping you to move. We’ll go over the dos and don’ts of making a move with movers as successful as possible.

Do: Plan Ahead

As we’ve often stated in our moving blogs, having a seamless move is very much dependent on how much planning ahead you’ve done. That means pre-packing, labeling, and figuring out where everything goes before you get there. If you need help with planning your move to the best of your ability, check out our posts about just that.

Don’t: Micromanage

If you hired movers like us to move your things, there’s usually a reason. Whether it’s because you can’t find helping hands to move you, your items are too heavy, or some other reason, you’re paying your hard-earned money to have movers do the work for you. So… Let the movers do their job! Sit back, stand by in case there are any questions, and let the movers move you.

Do: Take Control of Fragile, Sentimental Items, and Expensive things

If you have a priceless hollowed out carved egg that cannot be replaced and you absolutely do not want to be broken, it might be best to take control of that item yourself. Put super fragile, sentimental items, cash, and jewelry up front with you… You may even want to hold them on your lap. Make sure that your movers know which boxes are fragile, super fragile, and which boxes are riding with you. Remember that if you pack yourself the movers won’t know what’s in your boxes, so labeling them as fragile on all sides is super important.

Don’t: Leave items in your drawers, dressers, and bureaus

Not only does leaving items in your furniture make them much harder to move, if the drawers fall out your items will go everywhere. Make your movers’ lives easier by packing your in dresser/drawer items separately so the furniture can be treated properly during your move.

Do: Label where the boxes go

You know it’s important to label your boxes as to what is in them, as well as if they are fragile or not, but you should also write on your boxes what room they should go in so the movers don’t need to ask you every two seconds where you want your boxes.

Don’t: Leave your movers in the dark

Don’t leave your movers entirely up to themselves, meaning don’t disappear on your movers! If you’re going to step out for a moment, let your movers know so they are prepared. Don’t just leave in the middle of a move so your movers aren’t confused if they have questions about where something should go or otherwise. Stick close by while your movers do the bulk of the work.

Hopefully this should help give you an idea of how to make your move as easy and care-free as possible! Ready to get moving? Contact Central Lakes Region Movers today to schedule your move.

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