Fraud Alert

It’s a scary world from time to time. With buying and selling scams on Craigslist and Facebook, IRS scams over the telephone, and many other schemes by ne’er-do-well-ers out there, it can be difficult sometimes to separate someone who is legitimately looking to help you from someone who is not. Moving scams happen from time to time. In the effort to look out for your best interest, we want to tell you about the most common moving scams and how to avoid them. Here are some easy ways to spot a mover who isn’t being fully honest.

Insists on a Telephone Estimate

Most movers want to come by, take a look at your space, and determine the amount of work that needs to be done to give you an accurate estimate. While moving companies, Central Lakes Region Movers included, can offer limited estimates over the internet or by phone, we always suggest to our customers that we swing by and take a look at what we will be moving. If the mover insists that a phone estimate is “good enough”, you may want to be wary.

Quick Change: Name Changing

Companies that do bad business are often changing names to avoid bad press coming back on them. Researching your moving company on the internet is a good start. If they have no reviews, you may want to beware of them. One review, even a bad one, is better than no reviews… At the very least it shows that the moving company has been in business for a longer period of time and is willing to own their reviews. You can also check out when the business was started using the Better Business Bureau or the NH Business Name Lookup tool if they are in NH. They should have a name that is registered with the state and in good standing.

Weird Deposit Requests

If a mover asks for a full deposit up front, beware. If you pay up front before services are rendered, a scam company can take off with your money — without completing your move. Make sure you place your deposit(s) on a credit card to help combat the likelihood of fraudulent activity. It’s also easier to fight if you pay on a credit card if you need to.

How to Avoid a Moving Scam

There’s a few things you can do to keep yourself safe. Ask for things in writing. Ask any and all questions that you may have. Don’t be afraid to bring up that one bad review that you saw online if it makes you wary of the company. Most companies, especially if they’re reputable, will have no problem answering any and all questions. Make sure to do your due diligence in researching movers online!

We can help! We’ve been helping people move since 2001. Contact us today to get started!

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