Plastic Boxes that Stack

This is an interesting time for plastic. As major corporations ban single-use plastics like drinking straws, there is a case that can be made for reusable plastic products. When it comes to moving and whether you should rely on traditional cardboard boxes vs. reusable plastic containers, plastic stacks up some serious points.

The Case for Plastic Boxes vs. Cardboard Boxes

Although cardboard boxes are readily available from all sorts of sources, it’s possible that plastic boxes or containers have more to offer, both short and long-term, when it comes to your move. Plastic makes packing easier, and offers the added bonus of safe, stackable storage while shuttling to and from, and once you’re in your new space.

Ready, Set, Stack

Unlike cardboard boxes, which require assembly, plastic boxes and plastic containers come set up, ready to pack… and stack. It’s easy to stack these plastic containers in the back of a moving or pickup truck. Better yet, you can also stack them down in a basement or up in an attic if you can afford to put off unpacking non-essential items until a later, rainy afternoon.

Protection from the Elements… and Pests

Speaking of rain… given the water-resistant nature of plastic, you won’t have to worry that electronics, photos, or other stored valuable items are at the mercy of the elements, on moving day or anytime thereafter.

What’s more, pests like roaches, beetles, and termites love to munch on and nest in cardboard, but not so much with plastic. Relying on reusable plastic boxes and plastic containers means you can rest assured that you’re not introducing any unwelcome guests into your new home.

Save on Supplies

Taking inventory or sneaking a quick peek at the contents inside a plastic container is easier than checking inside a cardboard box. Simply lift the lid and re-snap shut once you’ve found the item you were looking for or confirmed that a container belongs in your new bathroom, not the kitchen. Some plastic boxes and containers are even transparent, making spotting that item you’re searching for even easier.

Of course, labeling a plastic container is easy, which should save you from having to double check each one’s destination in your new space. Just use a masking tape and marker combination to make labeling quick and clear. This might save you a few bucks on supplies like scissors, box cutters, and tape, which are crucial for assembling, labeling, and securing cardboard moving boxes, but totally unnecessary when using plastic boxes.

Long-Term Investment or Short-Term Rental

The options continue when you choose plastic containers over cardboard boxes. While it’s possible and, perhaps, more affordable to rent than buy plastic containers, investing in a smart collection of different sizes allows you to reuse them for storage for as long as you want. Specialty items like plastic wardrobe containers (yes, those exist) can often be rented from your moving company.

Since opening our doors in 2001, we’ve seen all sorts of trends come and go. Contact us today for expert advice on how best to prepare and pack for your next move.

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