A DIY Mover

A lot of people make the decision to move themselves. Sometimes it’s from a cost standpoint, or sometimes it’s because they may not trust movers with their items. Most of the time, it’s the cost though. We find that many people think they can’t afford to have a mover come help, but let’s break down the cost of your DIY move so you can see how much it really costs you.

Depending on the distance of your move and how much you have to move (for example, how rooted are you? Do you have tons of heavy expensive furniture you have to move), DIY can seem like the least expensive option. What should you budget for if you’re planning to do your move on your own?

The Moving Truck

A truck rental can be anywhere from $19.95 an hour to more. You’re going to want to find out the truck that can actually hold all your items (so you’re not making multiple trips) and find out all of the associated costs with having your own moving truck. That may include a per-mile cost, usually around $1 per mile. Fuel is also not included in your truck rental price, so figure into the cost of refilling your truck. You may also opt into insurance for the truck as well for added peace of mind.

Supply Cost

Don’t forget, buying boxes can start to add up. Purchasing nice, new boxes can cost a lot if you’re using a lot of them, especially if you opt into specialty boxes like wardrobe boxes. You may also be purchasing blankets or padding material to help insulate your valuables.


If you’re making a long distance move, you may have to stay at a hotel overnight. Consider the cost of the hotel room you’ll be sleeping in, and consider that the hotel room must allow you to park your moving truck too.


Chances are, you won’t want to cook on packing day or moving day, so you might want to consider the cost of takeout or delivery to your overall expenditure during your move.

Cost of Time

Remember that moving your things will cost you a lot of, you guessed it, time. Scheduling time to rent the truck, to actually pack your items at home, and then to move those boxes and items into the truck, along with the actual time it takes to drive your items and then unload them? That’s a lot of time, especially if you have to take time out of work.

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