Moving a Pistol to and from NH

If you’re moving and you own a firearm, you may be wondering how to best handle having possession of a firearm while you move. This is especially important if you’re moving out of New Hampshire. Of course, we expect you to do your due diligence in researching your new state’s firearm laws, but we do have some quick tips for you.

Safely Packing a Firearm

Before you move your firearm, make sure that you have your firearm properly registered and you have a copy of your serial number. A good way to do this is to take a clear, crisp photo of your firearm as well as the serial number on the side of it. Keep this in a safe place in case your firearm is lost or stolen.

The safest way to pack a firearm is of course to place it in a hard, locked case. If you do not have a case for your pistol or rifle, they go for pretty short money on Amazon. One with a lock on it is important if you’ll have multiple people carrying your possessions, and also if you have children. Make sure before packing your firearm that the magazine is separate from the actual gun. Lock away all additional magazines and ammunitions.

Firearms that are more tender or are “wall hangers” (decorative only and unable to be fired) may not need a locked case. You can place them in a standard case without a lock, or even in a box. Still, you might want to be more careful with them and wrap them in towels or blankets (or even bubble wrap), securing them with string, tape, or ratcheting straps. Make sure all delicate areas of the firearm are secured so they do not get damaged in the move.

Moving into New Hampshire with a Firearm

New Hampshire, the Live Free or Die state, has comparatively some lenient policies on securing firearms. Last year, NH abolished the need for a permit to concealed carry. That means that you can safely tuck a firearm inside of a case or on your person if you are moving into NH, and you will not be breaking the law. Still, if you are pulled over by police, you should make the presence of your firearm known to the law enforcement officer for your — and their — safety.

Moving out of New Hampshire with a Firearm

Because NH is lenient with the movement of firearms, it’s easy to forget that many states surrounding NH are not as lenient. It is important that you research your landing state (the state you are moving to) and their gun control laws, as every state differs. You may need to apply for a permit or license to carry, even though you did not need one in New Hampshire. Applying for a permit or license to carry will be an important step before bringing your owned firearm into the new state. Generally, a person is lawfully allowed to carry a firearm from a state they are legally permitted to carry a firearm to a state they are legally permitted to carry, as long as the firearm is unloaded and out of reach. For this reason it is usually advised to place your unloaded, cased firearm in the trunk of a car when traveling over state borders.

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