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Money CoinsMoving, like most things, is a service. We come out to your home, help you pack your things, and cart them out to the truck. While you may have already paid for the service, if your movers are doing an exemplary job, you may want to tip them. After watching them do all of the hard and heavy lifting, you may quickly realize why it was such a great idea to hire movers! While tipping is not required by any means, many people wonder how much do you tip a mover?

There’s no mathematical equation that can solve this for you. Some people choose to tip on a percentage, while others may choose to tip based on a flat fee. The typical amounts are 5% of the bill or $20 per mover. Consider you also may want to increase the tip if the ride is longer, the move takes a long time, the weather is not the greatest, or anything else that might make the move more stressful. Trust us — when you see us at work, you’ll quickly realize why hiring movers rather than doing it yourself is so great!

Even further, some people might not tip, but they may buy drinks such as coffee or water for their movers, which is also another acceptable way to show gratitude. Further, we’ve seen people order pizza or takeout when moves go through meal times, which is another great idea if you’re not sure if you want to tip but want to say thanks to your movers. Don’t be offended if a mover turns down coffee, however, as caffeine can be detrimental to physical labor especially during a hot day. Instead, offer Gatorade or water.

Don’t think that if a mover does a bad job that you should tip them. Tips are only reserved for exemplary jobs. Movers don’t expect tips. They are there to do their job, but a good mover will often go above and beyond to meet and exceed your expectations. If you want to tip a mover, go with what you feel most comfortable with! There’s no wrong answer for a job well done.

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