How to Pack Jewelry with Household Supplies

Moving is often a tedious process and one of the toughest tasks involves packing and transporting some of your smallest items, like jewelry. Fortunately, a few common household items can make the job that much easier. Depending on the size of your jewelry collection, you should be able to safely pack and secure your valuables in a short amount of time, thanks to these household item hacks.

Household Helpers for Packing Jewelry

Before you start scavenging your home for these items, you have a pre-packing project to complete: sorting. This is a great opportunity to take stock of the jewelry you own and weed out any unwanted pieces. Why pack what you no longer wear? Spread and sort your collection on a flat surface so that you can easily evaluate what needs to be packed and how many of the following household items you’ll need to do it. Below, take a look at each type of jewelry and the corresponding item(s) to pack it.

Bracelets and Necklaces: Drinking Straws and Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Rolls

Empty, clean toilet paper and paper towel rolls are ideal for packing bracelets and necklaces of various lengths and thickness. First, evaluate the length of each piece, making sure to detangle any small knots that might have resulted from improper storage in the first place.

For thin chains, or those with dainty, filigree pendants, cut a length of drinking straw to match and slip the bracelet or necklace through the straw, clasping it shut at the ends. This keeps the chain and clasp tangle-free. For thicker bracelets and necklaces, do the same using toilet paper (bracelets) or paper towel rolls (necklaces).

Once you’ve gone through the process of securing each piece to its appropriate household item, use plastic wrap to hold each item in place, protecting it in the process. For super delicate or expensive bracelets and necklaces, an extra layer of bubble wrap on top of the plastic is a smart idea. Slipping a rubber band over the bubble wrap stops any slipping while in transit, and the straw, toilet roll or paper towel roll can be stored in an appropriately sized plastic bag.

Rings: Empty Egg Cartons

In the days leading up to your move, set aside empty egg carton containers to store your rings. Simply wrap each individual ring in paper, cover with plastic and/or bubble wrap, and store in each egg cup. Once the carton is filled, the entire container can be wrapped and secured with rubber bands, ready to move with the rest of your belongings.

Earrings: Business Cards, Pill Sorters, and Sunglasses Cases

At last, a use for that collection of old business cards that accumulated in your desk or junk drawer. With the help of a safety pin, simply create two holes in the top of each card and slip your earrings through, securing the backings of studs to the back of the card, or just letting the hooks of dangly earrings poke through the other side. Both types of earrings can then be secured with the same plastic or bubble wrap combination described above for rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Pill containers and weekly pill sorters are also perfectly-sized for storing and packing earrings. You can use a plastic sunglass or old eyeglass case to store the repurposed business cards, while a shoebox will be better for larger containers like pill sorters.

Of course, if you already have a compartmentalized jewelry box, you’ll likely have an easier time packing these smaller items. But, for those who don’t, these household item hacks should come in handy when you’re ready to pack your jewelry.

Need other small-item packing tips? Contact us with your questions and we’ll share our expertise to make your packing process as painless as possible.

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