Spring Cleaning

When warm weather comes through, like it is right now, often times we get the urge to just start cleaning! Airing out the home, washing the windows, sweeping the floors, beating out carpets… All parts of a normal spring time clean. But what about decluttering? Decluttering can be especially important before a move, so you’re not carting items from place to place with no intent of ever using them. Let’s talk about some of the biggest areas you can declutter and how you can declutter them!

Medicine Cabinet


How often do you look inside of this thing? Think about how many expired medications, lotions, and other things you might have kicking around in this cabinet. Pull out any expired and unused medications and look up your town’s prescription medication disposal day, or use a look up tool like this one to find out where you can safely dispose of old, expired, and unused prescription medications. Don’t forget that lotions can have an expiry date too! They won’t harm you, but they won’t do their job correctly, either. If you’ve got a ton of lotions in your medicine cabinet, maybe toss them and start fresh.



You may be dreading this clean, but think about all the things you have sitting at the back of your refrigerator… and all the space you could be using for things you actually will eat! The best way to go about this is to pull everything out of the refrigerator and check the dates on your canned items and squirt bottles in the refrigerator. Toss anything that’s out of date and start fresh. This way you can also clean your fridge trays and drawers and give it a deep clean.

Also take a look in your pantry/cabinets where you keep food. See anything canned that you’re never going to use? Donate it to the local food pantry (as long as it’s not expired)!


Closet Hangers

Now’s the time to start donating clothes you don’t use or wear! If you’re not sure what to donate, you might want to try some of our closet organization methods we have detailed in this post here. Think of it this way: if you donate a piece of clothing, you can go grab a new one! Who wouldn’t want a reason to buy a new wardrobe?

Have any tips or tricks for decluttering your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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