Moving with Pets Such as Cats

You’ve likely seen how stressed your pet gets during a thunderstorm. Unexpected loud noises, sudden shifts in the wind — compared to the chaos of moving, a storm is a cinch. But, there are things you can do to smooth the transition from one home to another for your pet.

Check out the following four tips…

Squirrel Away Extra Supplies

It’s a great idea to pack a separate bag just for your pets when you are moving with pets. Keep this with you, whether in the moving van or your car so that you can easily access your pet’s favorite food, litter, medications — if needed, grooming supplies, toys, and blankets. Once you’ve arrived at your new home, make sure this bag is secured somewhere safe so that you don’t risk losing track of it in a mountain of moving boxes.

Secure a Special, Pet-Friendly Space

Help your pet feel a little safer while moving with pets by creating a special space, well out of harm’s way during your move. Whether you’re packing, unpacking, shuffling boxes, etc., it’s best to keep your pet in a safe, secluded area away from the fray. Make it a point to take a break from what your doing, check on your pet, and maintain your routine (walks, bathroom breaks, etc.) as closely as possible. This will help maintain a measure of familiarity despite all the changes.

Nestle into New Digs Nice and Slowly

Rather than let your pet run roughshod through your new home, it’s best to corral them into a specific area and let them acclimate little by little. As much as it might seem like they want to take off exploring, doing so isn’t the safest option when moving with pets. You need time to create order, uncover any safety hazards, and generally scope out the scene both inside and outside your new home before your pet has a chance to get into any trouble.

Soothe Stress for Smaller Pets

If you’re moving with smaller pets, like fish, birds or guinea pigs, the name of the game is slow and steady. Unfortunately, all three of these species suffer serious stress when it comes to change — more so than cats and dogs. You’ll want to take extra special care to keep them safe. For fish, it’s fine to transport them short distances, but longer journeys might prove too tough. Better to gift a willing recipient, like a friend or neighbor, with your fish rather than risk relocating them.

Guinea pigs and birds should do fine, provided you keep them secure in a small cage and do not let them out until you’ve acclimated to your new surroundings.

Our team is happy to advise you further preparing to move with pets. Just give us a call and we’ll share our expertise to make your upcoming move as stress free as possible for you… and your pets.

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