Open-First Moving Day Box

Depending on how far away your upcoming move will take you, it’s a good idea to consider packing an open-first box. Even if you’re only relocating to a new home a few towns away, an open-first box can make the transition that much smoother. Simply put, an open-first box is a single space to store all the essentials you will need to start making your new house a home. This is especially true if your move crosses multiple states and you’re already anticipating being without your belongings for an extended period of time.

So, what should you pack for your optimal open-first box? We have a few suggestions…

Suggested Items to Store in Your Open-First Box

Before you start scrounging for whatever essentials you think you’ll need, be sure to stash your open-first box somewhere you can easily access it, where it will not be mistaken for just another moving box and loaded up with the rest. The goal is to be able to easily open the box, adding or removing essentials as you evaluate them. Your open-first box is the last box to pack into your vehicle. This is so that you can reach into it first when you arrive at your new destination.

We suggest moving methodically from one room to the next, taking stock with each step those items you use every day. So, when you pack your bathroom, leave aside those items you can envision needing this evening and tomorrow morning. Toiletries and medications should be stored in your open-first box, eliminating the need to unnecessarily replace items like your toothbrush. Word to the wise, stash a roll or two of toilet paper in your box, along with a shower curtain and towels.

Moving onto your bedroom, think like a kid going to a sleepover… or maybe an extended sleep-away camp. What will you need to sleep comfortably at your new residence while you wait for your bedroom furniture to be delivered and reassembled? How about an air mattress? What about a small night light?

Of course, before you turn in, you’ll want to have dinner. Don’t just assume that takeout will cut it — you’ll need paper goods, disposable utensils, beverages, and, unless you feel like running out to satisfy every caffeine craving, keep your coffee pot close by.

Other open-first box items that will come in handy include a first aid kit, small tools, and cleaning supplies (paper towels and trash bags are always needed), along with hand soap, and any pet essentials to keep your furry friends happy as they acclimate to their new home.

Keep in mind, depending on the number of people in your household, you can have more than one open-first box. Take stock of what you and your family truly need on a daily basis and keep those items at the ready. Doing so will make relocating less of a hassle and have you feeling right at home in no time.

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