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Moving to a new home can be stressful for some pets and even dangerous if not planned with them in mind. Finding ways to keep your pet safe and comfortable in their new space can greatly affect your pets behavior in the months and years to come. Read on to learn more about how to help your pet feel comfortable in their new home. 

Make a plan

Planning for a move with pets is crucial to minimizing the chance of any accidents or anxiety that are bound to happen. We suggest talking with friends or family for support during this time. Maybe set your pet up to visit a family home or daycare they are familiar with while the movers come. This will ensure that they won’t escape while people are coming in and out and they won’t spend hours being nervous about all of the changes. If having your pet spend a day elsewhere is not an option, set up a room for them with their favorite toys and snacks so that they are out of the way and cannot slip through the door. Make sure to visit them though! They won’t like being left out of all the action. 

Minimize anxiety

Working to minimize anxiety for your pets will make a huge difference during your moving experience and beyond. We suggest thinking about all of the stages of moving like packing, the car ride, arriving at the new home, and unpacking. Think about what you can do to make these stages stress free for your pet. That may mean establishing a safe room in the new home before you arrive with all your pet’s favorite toys and beds, or keeping your pet away from the action until everything is settled. Take advantage of familiar smells and sounds to distract your pet when they are starting to get anxious. Be sure to have lots of snacks and toys on hand!

Be patient

This is important, your pet can sense when you are anxious so try to stay calm. Don’t assume your pet will adjust immediately to the new home. If your puppy has an accident or your cat scratches the new woodwork, try not to scold them within the first few days. They are just getting used to things! Start setting up routines as soon as possible so that they know what to expect and become familiar with commands and sounds in the new home. 

Give lots of love 

Lastly, give them lots of love and attention, they will love it and it will help them to associate positive feelings with the new home. You can create a new walk schedule with them or set up their very own play corner so that when they need attention, you will know. Giving your pets lots of love will also make you feel better, who doesn’t love a little extra bonding?

We hope this advice will help you and your furry friend feel comfortable in your next home. If you need more moving advice or assistance, contact us and we will be sure to help!

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