Looking through the window of a mobile home

Did you know that many retirees and even millennials are going the mobile home living route? For some, this is a great option for having less responsibility and more flexibility at a reasonable cost. If you have decided that this is the best choice for you and your family, it’s important to determine how best to pack for the move. Keep reading for packing tips!

What To Keep

Anything Sentimental: Even if you’re downsizing or wanting to try something completely different in your new mobile home lifestyle, you are still going to want to keep the sentimental things. Things that bring back fond memories of loved ones won’t take up too much space. This is still going to be your home, even if it’s a mobile home. You have to make sure it feels comfortable enough to live your life in. 

Anything Storage: Chances are, this new mobile home living will be a bit of a downgrade in size for you. This means you are going to want to take advantage of anything and everything storage related. Whether that’s shelving for kitchen cabinets or under the bed drawers, you’ll use it. In a small home, every inch matters. 

Anything Multi-Functional: Do you have a great dining table that also doubles as your home office desk? Put it on the truck! These types of items are life saving when downsizing to a mobile home. If it worked well in your previous home, we guarantee you’ll appreciate it all the more in your new space.

What Can Go

Things You Haven’t Touched in a Year: We firmly believe that anything you haven’t touched or worn in a year should be donated. This is more true than ever when you’re transitioning to mobile home living. If you haven’t used it since then, you won’t use it now. Necessities are key to smaller living, so it’s important to take stock of what you have.

Oversized Furniture: There’s no easy way to put this: the giant couch has got to go. There is simply not going to be enough room in your mobile home for oversized furniture. Now, with that being said, you can still have all of your normal, comfort pieces – you just might need to keep them on the compact side. 

Obsolete Room Items: If you will no longer have a mudroom in your new mobile home, you probably don’t need any of the mudroom items. These types of things can be hard to part with, but you’ll be glad you did in the long run. Plus, you’ll want room to grow and that will help.

Time to Pack Up

If you’re thinking of making the switch to mobile home living, give Central Lake Region Movers a call and let us help with your move! 

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