Boxes stacked up, one says "fragile" in red

When it is time to start thinking about a big move, your first thought probably isn’t about the bathroom. The bathroom is a crucial room in a home, yet it often gets forgotten when it’s time to create a moving plan. But the big question is: how do you effectively pack a bathroom for moving?

Declutter First

Even though it’s such a small room, the bathroom is often a hot spot for clutter. As you’re getting ready to move, make sure to go through all of the cabinets and shelves and throw away anything that is expired, broken, or hasn’t been touched in a year. Chances are you don’t need to bring that 7 year old bottle of Pepto Bismol to the new house. Make your life easier by decluttering first.

Sort It Out

Once you’ve gotten rid of all of the unnecessary packing things in your bathroom, you need to sort out what’s left. You can sort however makes sense to you, but it’s crucial to do it. Maybe that means a “Shower” section that has shampoo, conditioner, body wash, that kind of thing. Or maybe you want all of your toiletries in one box. As long as you can easily unpack your old bathroom in your new home, you’re good to go.

Use Proper Packing Materials

When it comes to packing up a bathroom, the usual moving plan doesn’t always apply. Bathroom items need special protection. With so many liquids and breakable things, you’ll need to have many plastic bags at your disposal so nothing leaks. Unlike the rest of the house, you can’t just buy a massive cardboard box and throw everything in there. We’d recommend lots of small boxes that can be clearly labeled. 

Keep the Essentials Accessible

Basically don’t pack your only toothbrush at the bottom of the biggest box. Keep in mind that you’re going to have to unpack all of these things too. When you get to the new place what are you going to immediately need? Make sure all of those things are near the top and easy to grab, or pack a first night box!

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