Grey couch with teal pillows

We’ve all had that fear… You’re moving a couch but it’s just too big to fit through the front door! What should you do? Instead of throwing your hands in the air and giving up, we have some great moving tips that can help you fit your items through the doors.

1. Tip it

If it can’t go through the door on its side, and it’s square or rectangular, try tipping it on a diagonal! Sometimes tipping a rectangular item can give it just enough clearance when it becomes a diamond shape instead to fit through that hard-to-fit spot.

2. Take off any Accessories

Lots of hard-to-fit items like couches, beds, and cabinets can have accessories that can easily be removed to give you some much needed clearance. Try screwing the legs off of the bottom of a couch or cabinets, removing tops or pillows, or squishing down any sewn in items that might help to give you some room to squeeze by.

3. Disassemble the furniture

Not all pieces can be disassembled, but beds and bed frames are meant to be pulled apart and assembled inside of a room. Try pulling as much of the item apart as you can to see if it makes it easier to carry the pieces inside of the room or building. You may be surprised to find out how much actually comes apart.

4. Take off the Door

Temporarily removing a door can get one item out of the way. If you have a door that doesn’t open all of the way, or even when it is open all of the way still leaves an inch or two you could use to slip past, you may want to unscrew the hinges and put the door aside temporarily to see if you can get your item inside. You can also remove the door frame, but don’t expect to get much room doing that, and it’s much harder to put a door frame back on than a few screws in a door hinge.

If all else fails, call some movers to help! We can help you think of ways to get your items safely inside of your home, even if they don’t fit through the door.

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