Thanks to some great moving tips offered by our readers, we’ve been inspired to make another 10 Top Moving Tips & Tricks! There are a lot of great ideas out there to help make your move all the easier, and we’ve collected some of the best for you right here. Take a look!

1. Pack Your Luggage First

Packing Luggage
Photo courtesy of anaa yoo on Flickr

Before you go packing all of your things into boxes, make sure you fill your luggage with necessities first. Aside from saving you some cardboard and tape, it’s good to have some spare clean clothes and toiletries handy, just in case. We recommend packing at least five days worth of clothing, so that you don’t have to worry about hunting down your wardrobe in the piles of boxes.

2. Prepare a Moving Day Survival Kit

Another major moving tip is to make sure you have a Moving Day Survival Kit prepared before you move. Having a kit filled with useful items will make your move that much less stressful, and save you a lot of time! As a bonus, we have an excellent checklist you can print out for a reference.

3. Wheeled Luggage is Perfect for Packing Books

Suitcase full of books

If you happen to have suitcases with wheels, consider using them to pack heavy objects like books. Books in particular can be deceptively heavy, and too often people over-pack boxes and wind up straining their backs trying to carry these monstrosities out to the moving vehicle. The use of wheeled luggage can make it much easier to transport these items, and save you some pain in the process.

4. Use Pots and Pans for Storage

To help save space, fill your pots and pans with spices and other dry goods from your cupboards. It will make it easier to unpack your kitchen when the time comes, and the strong pans will help protect your spice containers from becoming crushed. As a bonus, any spills will be much easier to clean, too!

5. Pre-Cut Handles in your Boxes

Stanley Box Cutter

A useful moving tip is to cut triangles into the sides of your boxes to serve as handholds before you begin filling them. Use a box cutter to slice the cardboard, and make sure that the flat part of the triangle is on the top, while the point aims down. Use your judgement; make sure the boxes are sturdy and aren’t going to be so heavy that the handle crumples or rips and becomes useless.

6. Get Wine Cases to Move Glassware

Often, liquor stores are all too happy to get rid of their many boxes to polite movers in need, as noted in our previous moving tips list. Since you’re likely already in search of boxes to use for your move, make sure you get yourself a few wine cases with the divider inserts still inside to help you move your glassware. The dividers are perfect for making sure your drinking glasses make it to your new home in one piece. (And, you know, any wine you might want to bring along, too).

7. Use Trash Bags for Closet Clothes

Hanging Closet Clothes

Rather than take every hanging article of clothing you have off their racks to pack into boxes, use a scent-less trash bag to help corral these items. Simply make a small hole in the middle of a bag’s bottom, and slip it over the hanger heads (usually 10-15 will fit comfortably). If you purchase trash bags with built-in drawstrings, you can use them to completely enclose your clothing and keep them safe from moving grime. Taping or tying a knot in the bag will also work, though it can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating.

8. Color Code with Duct Tape

Colored Duct Tape
Courtesy of woodleywonderworks on Flickr

In the midst of a move, it can be hard to keep your boxes organized and make sure they go to the right rooms in your new place. To save time and make it easier on you and any helpers you might have, use brightly colored duct tape to color code your boxes. While it’s still advisable to write the general contents of a box on the surface, it’s much easier to glance at a color than to read every single box that comes out of the moving van. Thank you, Robert Smith, for sharing that moving tip with us!

9. Don’t Mix Rooms While Packing

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s still worth saying: when packing, resist the temptation to mix items from different rooms. It’s a complete pain to try and separate the items out later during the unpacking phase, and can lead to lost or misplaced objects. Save yourself the headache and try to keep everything nice and separated.

10. Plan Ahead with Refrigerators and Equipment

Full refrigerator

One of our moving tips that many people tend to forget is to give yourself time to prepare your big items for transport. Refrigerators, for example, need a day or two to thaw out. The last thing you–and your movers!–want to do is deal with a leaky, smelly fridge. Let it melt, and mop up any excess liquid to make sure it dries completely.

Similarly, when it comes to equipment like lawn mowers, make sure the gas and oil are well-drained, just in case. Both are flammable and can be dangerous when being jostled around during transport.

That’s all for now! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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