Downsizing Minimalism

Sometimes you need to downsize. Whether you’re empty nesters or someone moving from a too-large space to a smaller one, there are some considerations you’ll have to make when downsizing to a smaller space.

Think Small and Think Positive

Even if downsizing wasn’t exactly your first choice, downsizing doesn’t have to be… well, a downer. Think about your new space and how much more efficient it will be. Heating bills will likely be less, as well as air conditioning and electrical bills. You may even be moving from a house to an apartment, which can offer you better security. Not all is lost! Many people downsize into “tiny homes” and love it. You don’t have to be entirely begrudging while preparing to move into a smaller space.

Consider what will and won’t fit in your new space. A full size couch may not fit in a studio apartment, but you don’t have to ditch your seating… Instead opt for a loveseat or individual seats. Reducing your footprint by downsizing your furniture can help you make your space look a lot larger than it actually is.

Decide what to Leave Behind

If your old home had a room with a couch in it no one sat on, it might be better to get rid of that couch and make use of the space where it would have been for something else. Consider what gets used and what doesn’t. If you have a ton of kitchen appliances you just can’t part with, consider which ones you actually use and which ones sit and collect dust. Give away your unused items to friends or family (that way you can ask to borrow it if you ever need it!) or donate it if you can’t give it away.

Rethink your Habits

Collecting things “just in case” can leave you using up a bunch of storage space, and it can be hard to break the habit of collecting things on the off chance you might use it. Consider how long it’s been since you’ve last looked at an item (let alone used it), and if the space is better used for something else, it might be better to repurchase the item later down the road if you ever need it again.

Making clever use of your storage space will help you keep your smaller space uncluttered as well. Figuring out all of the nooks and crannies where you can cleverly hide items out of view will help you cope with taking a big house and downsizing it into a small space. We have detailed a few clever organization items that you might want to use in your new downsized space.

Wherever you’re going, we can help take the stress out of your move. Contact us today to get started!

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