Sold Home with Family

It’s finally happening. You’re moving in together! Whether it’s a roommate or a significant other, moving in with your new person can mean a lot of give and take. Besides trying to stay sane while you figure out one another and sort your new routines, it’s important to realize that you can save a lot of money by moving in with another person. Here are some cool tips to help you save money by having roommates.

The more, the merrier

Sold Home with FamilyMore roommates means less to pay for. If you’re splitting rent down the middle, that means a $1,200 apartment can be $600 or less if you’re able to secure more than one person besides you living there. This is nice if you’re trying to live somewhere on your own but also save money. It also means that if you’re not used to a lot of people being around, it can also be stressful – especially if your personalities don’t jive.

Don’t double up – Streamline

Wall of Big Screen TVs

If you’re an adult and you’ve been living on your own for some time, chances are you have a lot of things you may not need if you’re moving in together. You don’t need two refrigerators or two washers, so why not go ahead and sell those?

Split everything

Utilities, food bills… Chances are you’re going to end up all using these things in the house, so instead of having one person pay rent and another take care of utilities, you should all chip in equally across all expenses to make sure that each of you is maximizing your savings. That means no one’s dipping into someone else’s hard earned yogurt in the fridge.

The next step towards buying a home

If you’re a couple or you plan on buying a home with your roommate, living in an apartment together is a great step towards owning a home. Not only do you get to get used to the other inhabitant’s habits (good or bad), but you’ll also have everything you need for a home such as furniture and appliances. You won’t need to buy much at all, just schedule your move into your new home and voila, you’re all set!

Did we forget anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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